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29 February, 2024

School of Life: Diverse Knowledge and Artistic Experiences

Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) presents a unique educational and entertainment environment for all community members through a series of discussion sessions and workshops offered by its ‘Schools of Life’ clubs, including Book, Art, and Chess clubs, all under the theme of ‘Words & Flavours’. This initiative aims to stimulate visitors to Dubai’s public libraries and Al Shindagha Historical Neighbourhood to read, develop their creative skills, refine their abilities in arts, enhance their awareness of agriculture and healthy meal preparation during Ramadan, enable them to explore Emirati and international culinary traditions and enjoy the works of the late artists Henri Rousseau and Henri-Edmond Cross.
At Al Safa Art & Design Library, 'School of Life' will host a 'Words & Flavours' themed workshop named 'Innovate with Odoo.' This is designed to provide participants with the essential skills needed to advance their food sector projects, covering areas such as customer relationship management, sales points, and inventory management. Additionally, library visitors can discover various facts about fruits and vegetables and learn how to transform food scraps into sweets in the 'Trash or Treats' session, guided by experts from 'Meals 4 Less.'
At the same library, the women's only 'Pages of Connection' session, hosted by 'Girls Who Read', is part of the 'Book Club' series. It encourages participants to share their passion for reading and engage in lively discussions about the featured material. Additionally, Naoul Chaoui will guide attendees on a literary journey that celebrates diverse traditions and cultures.
Through the ‘Visual Art Stream’s’ Painting Club, Leen Almsouti will present the ‘Tropical Tales’ workshop, which delves into the works of Henri Rousseau, while the session ‘Harmony of Hues’ sheds light on the techniques of Henri-Edmond Cross and his paintings known for their simplicity and vibrant colours.
Visitors to Umm Suqeim Public Library will be able to participate in the workshop ‘Grow Your Own Food’, organised by the Authority in collaboration with Dubai Municipality, addressing the impact of agriculture on human life and daily routines, and teaching simple and effective farming techniques.
The 12th Sikka Art and Design Festival, taking place in Al Shindagha Historical Neighbourhood until 3 March, features 'Brushes and Bites', a unique workshop by Leen Almsouti that merges culinary arts with visual storytelling for an inventive artistic experience. Additionally, 'Skill Deer' experts will lead a cookie decoration workshop, inviting festival-goers to express their creativity through the artful decoration of biscuits.