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Corporate Sustainability

The Sustainability Charter

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is committed to implementing a comprehensive sustainability management strategy to support Dubai’s objectives and the UAE's Green Agenda 2030 objectives. This charter aims to manage the social, environmental, and economic impacts of its activities, enhance community service efforts, preserve the environment, and support the growth of Dubai's creative economy. This commitment is in line with global best practices, adheres to the principles of sustainable development related to inclusivity, cultural diversity, transparency, integrity, and accountability, and aligns with its corporate strategy, objectives, and values.

The Sustainability Charter serves as the fundamental framework guiding the Authority's sustainable management system. It regulates the Authority's activities, initiatives, and events in all its operations and services by applying the standards and guidelines of the British Standard BS 8900-2013 Guidance for managing sustainable development. The Charter aligns with the Authority's commitments in the social, environmental, and economic areas, and considers the needs of all concerned parties and enhances their societal participation in line with the principles and requirements of sustainable development.

The Authority is committed to achieving sustainability in economic, environmental, and societal domains by:

    • Regularly raising awareness about sustainability and its requirements among employees, suppliers, partners, stakeholders, and the community.
    • Providing a diverse, inclusive, safe, and healthy working environment that attracts talent and nurtures creativity, treating all employees with respect, and fairness, and giving them opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement.
    • Allocating the necessary resources to implement initiatives that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development objectives, exploring partnership opportunities, and building joint initiatives with various public and private entities to advance sustainable development areas.
    • Adopting initiatives to reduce environmental resource consumption and manage waste produced by the Authority's operations and activities.
    • Applying sustainability standards to manage events in all of the Authority’s assets, including libraries, museums, and heritage sites.
    • Monitoring and measuring sustainability results, issuing regular reports, and voluntarily disclosing data and information that support sustainability.


The Authority’s senior management is committed to periodically reviewing and updating the Sustainability Charter and making it available internally and externally. The Authority also commits to compliance with laws and regulations related to sustainability.

To view the full report: Global Reporting Initiative Report