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15 Jul, 24
26 Jul, 24

Etihad Museum Summer Camp: A Journey to Explore the History of the Nation

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Dubai Culture offers a wide creative space for children at the Etihad Museum Summer Camp, organised over two weeks. The first period runs from 15 to 19 July, while the second takes place from 22 to 26 July. The Authority aims to open horizons for children by encouraging them to explore the history and founding story of the UAE, learn about the inspiring lives of the founding fathers, and express their ideas in various forms. This aligns with their commitment to investing in future generations and promoting innovation.

Throughout the summer camp, which carries the theme ‘The Explorer,’ participants aged 5 to 12 will embark on a rich journey filled with knowledge and cultural activities. They will travel back in time to 1968 to explore the geographical nature of the UAE and its social life at the time. The camp agenda includes the ‘Memory Box’ activity, during which children will write letters expressing their dreams, visions, and aspirations for the future of the UAE. Additionally, through the ‘Scavenger Hunt’ activities, they will learn the basics of cultural guiding, how to organise guided tours within the museum, and share information with visitors.


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