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10 May, 24
12 May, 24
Arts and Culture

Art Souk: A Creative Space Celebrating Emerging Talent

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Dubai Culture is gearing up to launch the second edition of the Art Souk, hosted by the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children from 10 – 12 May. This marketplace event aims to provide an innovative platform that brings together various art forms while celebrating emerging talent. Part of the Sikka Platform, the event reflects the Authority’s commitment to engaging creatives in all cultural activities, focusing on developing their abilities, honing their skills, and enhancing their knowledge of the local culture and arts sector. Additionally, it provides investment opportunities that help them promote their innovative creative works.

The Art Souk's agenda includes numerous activities that highlight the aesthetics of painting, illustration, design, pottery and ceramic products, as well as the use of resin in art. The programme also features a series of sessions and interactive workshops aimed at introducing children and adults to pottery techniques, theatre accessories, and various other art forms, all supervised by a select group of specialists and artists.

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01 Jan, 24

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