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22 Jun, 24
29 Jun, 24

Al Shindagha Museum Hackathon: Creative Experiences Inspire Youthful Innovation

  • Al Shindagha
  • 04:00-09: 00 PM Saturday
  • Registration Required
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Dubai Culture has begun preparations to launch the Al Shindagha Museum Hackathon, organised in collaboration with Sxill Lab on 22 and 29 June 2024. The hackathon aims to stimulate innovation among youngsters, enhance their creative thinking, and support the strength of the cultural and creative industries. Targeting individuals aged 18 and above, the hackathon features a series of activities that bring together various skills at Al Shindagha Museum.

The hackathon includes a series of competitions and adventures involving 12 teams. These teams will have only four hours to solve a set of intricately designed puzzles and codes, allowing them to showcase unique ideas and diverse products inspired by various elements of local heritage.

Participating teams must utilise their allotted time to create distinctive designs and produce a collection of art pieces using clay crafting techniques that incorporate local medicinal herbs and essential oils ingredients to create unique scents. The team members will explore the hidden gems of Al Shindagha Museum and produce a series of videos and photos highlighting the unique beauty and architecture of the Al Maktoum Residence.


To View the Programme Click Here


Event Name Date Registration Link
Al Shindagha Museum: Hacking the Museum 22-06-2024 Register here
Al Shindagha Museum: Hacking the Museum 29-06-2024 Register here

Registration closed

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